How to promote your classifieds on Multino?

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To reach more users who may be interested in your classified ad, you can promote it using the options available on the Website. If you did not choose any of the options to promote your classified ad when it was posted, you can specify them later.

First, log in to your account on Multino. To do this, click the Log in / Sign up button in the top bar.

In the Log in tab, enter your username or e-mail address and confirm with your password. Then click the Log in button.

Click the My account button displayed in the top bar. Select My classifieds from the drop-down list. The My classifieds screen appears where you can make the necessary changes.

To promote your classified, click on the title of the selected classified or the green button Promote.

On the screen that appears, you can choose how to promote your classified by checking the Promote box next to the selected option. Your classified can be labelled Urgent, labelled Featured in the selected category, or displayed as Recommended on the home page. After choosing how to promote your classified, click Go to payment button.

The next screen displays the available payment options.

If you want an invoice to be generated, check the I want to receive VAT invoice box and enter all the necessary details. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. It will also be available in your account on the Website (click the My account button and select Invoices from the drop-down list).

After payment, your classified will be promoted according to the selected option.

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