Safety tips when selling on online classified ads

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Many online sellers prefer to go for classified ads sites because the setup is as easy as it can get. Therefore, they need to be aware of their online market space before they go deep into it. One of the most important things to ensure is the security of sales and interaction with buyers.

Although most buyers are reliable and safe to deal with, it is still wise to stay safe when selling online. To do this, you need to consider a variety of tips and guides on safety. Most successful online sellers treat buyers safe and pay close attention to things that may jeopardize their safety. What do sellers need to know when making sales on online classified ads?


When opening an account, use a secure computer or device

The most common mistake that sellers make when selling in online marketplaces jeopardizes their security during registration. Nowadays, many internet scams don’t require many details to deceive the sellers. Therefore, sellers must be aware of safety in the use of devices.

It is recommended to use devices with secured network connections. It is also good to refrain from connecting to regular or public networks when using the Internet, creating a loophole for fraudulent activities. Some devices also share sensitive information such as location, IP address and more, which can be harmful to any seller on the Internet.


Post limited information

Writing a description of a product or item is essential when making a sale. The bio or seller description is also important as it increases the credibility with the buyers. However, sharing too much information can be dangerous. This is because information such as home addresses can pose a danger to sellers of being tracked or monitored by fraudulent buyers.

Sellers should also ensure that limited information is disclosed when talking to buyers. Even if the buyer asks for it, you should be reluctant to disclose information that may jeopardize your safety.


Selectively interact with buyers

Not all your buyers need to interact with you. And until the buyer genuinely needs guidance or instructions, you should refrain from making interactions. The risk is that some buyers use this medium to extract sensitive information from sellers, thereby gaining access to sellers’ confidential information.


Talk on the phone

Contacting buyers is advisable through phone calls due to the dangers of online. Chatting or email contacts sometimes get spammed by buyers. In this case, sellers are not able to ascertain the true identity of the buyer. It is also easier to cheat the sellers online than by phone, as something with the buyer assures you that they are real people.


Meet buyers in safe environments

Meeting with buyers requires some planning and reflection. The best option is to use shipping couriers or delivery services to reach buyers. And if you have to meet them, the environment should be safe. Sellers should not meet buyers in their homes or offices. A safe and public place is the perfect environment to complete a transaction or deliver the item to the buyer. Sellers should also not invite buyers to their homes or offices.


Opt for cash, avoid online payments

Generally, sellers should opt for cash when buyers make payments. Online payments can be fraudulent and cause buyers to lose interest if the process is stressful. Paying in cash on delivery also increases the seller-buyer bond, which is often easier to maintain than compromising online payments. Similarly, sellers should always make transactions offline and in a safe environment.

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