What does yellow symbolize?

Published: 22-08-2023

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What may seem surprising to some people is what the color yellow means. Yellow is one of the most popular colors. It brings to mind the sun and good emotions, so in most cases it evokes only positive associations. On the other hand, it also symbolizes falsehood, lies and betrayal.


The color of gold

In paintings, the color yellow was attributed, among others, to Judas, who was often depicted wearing a yellow robe. This was due to the association of yellow with infidelity, hypocrisy, falsehood and shamelessness. However, you must not forget that the color yellow is associated with gold. For this reason, it was revered in the past by the Egyptians and the Mayans. The color yellow also symbolized respect and was attributed to wives and mothers. Transylvanian women wore yellow veils for a year after they got married.


Symbol of wisdom and knowledge

In Hinduism, yellow is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. This is probably largely due to the fact that it is associated with yellowed pages of books. In China, the color yellow was reserved for the emperor. Yellow has been considered noble and royal for centuries. The second largest river in China is called the Yellow River (Huang He).


Sun and relaxation

Currently, yellow is associated with hot sun, rest and relaxation. That is why it is used by travel agencies that try to attract potential customers. It is easy to notice that the color yellow often prevails in promotional materials and advertising spots. Its intense shades attract the attention of everyone around. That is why the warning signs are often yellow.


Positive attitude

In psychology, yellow is primarily attributed to self-confident people who know perfectly well what their goals and dreams are. It is often chosen by people who have a positive attitude to the world. The color yellow has stimulating properties. First of all, it stimulates the mind to work. It also has a great effect on the senses. Yellow is also associated with madness and mental disorders. It symbolizes instability and irrational and unpredictable behavior.


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